Thursday, October 4, 2012

4 months, 2 1/2 years, and Peter Pan

Hello! Here I am. Did you miss me? I'm stopping by to let you know that on the nights where I really have something important to say, I'm too tired to sit down and type it out. Then on the nights where I have time to sit and write, I have nothing terribly interesting to say. Simply put, when you don't hear from me, just imagine all sorts of deep and profound parenting moments going on, and when you do hear from me, you can skim it because it can't be that great, lol!

Poppy is 4, almost 5, months old. She reaches for toys, smiles like she means it, and dances her little heart out on the changing table. The girl is a kicking machine! Though she still needs her reflux medicine and will tell you on the dot when she needs her next dose, spit-up has dramatically reduced. She still can't handle dairy. I cannot wait to one day (not anytime soon, mind you) wean her off breast milk and then have an ice cream party all to myself. Chocolate Milkshake? Sure! Mudslide? Even better! Let's whip up a pot of macaroni and cheese, too, just for good measure, hmm? Alright, I need to stop salivating on the keyboard! I must say that Senpai has been my savior here in the keep-Mommy-dairy-free effort. Without his trips to specialty stores in St. Louis to keep me stocked on dairy-free yogurt, cheese, butter, and (even more importantly) CUPCAKES and BROWNIES, I would've gone off the deep end a while ago. I'm not saying I would've given up on breastfeeding Poppy-- nuh-uh, I've got an iron will there-- it's just that I would most certainly be more miserable about it. Poppy and I thank you, Senpai.


Rosemary is growing like a weed. She is 2 1/2 now. It is safe to say that she is daytime potty trained. We're still working on reducing accidents at night. Though I say she is daytime potty trained, there was a rash of accidents recently because I up and moved her little potty from the living room into the bathroom with no warning. Apparently I was supposed to move it gradually-- about a foot a day-- until it ended up in the new location. Whoops, oh well. It was two days of messes, but she has since recovered nicely.


Rosemary's favorite game at the moment is to be chased. If no one is chasing her, she'll still run around in circles and say, "Peek-a-boo! I see you!" when she gets back to you. She has recently picked up my saying of, "Sleep well," when I put her down for bed. As I leave the room she could say anything from, "Nigh nigh," to "Sleep well," or even "See you later!" And sometimes all of the above. Though she picks up new words and sayings every day, she still strings together long sentences of gibberish just to hold your attention for minutes at a time before finally ending with a single real word. Granted, she has been throwing more real words into the middle of those gibberish sentences: "Pan! fgdskjds;odopid In the sky! dfkljdsofiufwei Fly! gfoepewop[eiof Smee! dkljfdoewiofl In the water! fgopifdoifnewkfn Tick tock!" She has so much to say about Peter Pan, it's adorable. :-)

Speaking of Peter Pan, that is our costume theme this year. Rosemary is the plucky boy herself, while Poppy is none other than the impetuous Tinkerbell. Senpai and I will be Captain Hook and Tiger Lily respectively. Here's a sneak preview of our little pixie:

Future Tinkerbell!

Well, time to sign off.
Poppy looks adorable as ever, and I.... still look like a mom.



Lynn Newsom said...

Can't wait to see the whole Halloween ensemble.

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