Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Imperfect Memory

The Sickness has passed. Senpai still takes Mucinex for his chest congestion and the rest of us are finishing our bottles of antibiotics, but we all feel so much better.

A quick discussion about our need to create wills (can I just write "cremate me" and call it a day?) led Senpai to say he is thankful that I blog. Whenever death decides to come for me, this blog will remain for my children to see me for who I was. Imperfect. Human. Trying too hard for perfection and yet feeling like I haven't done enough. That's me. I should make more of a point to consider what my daughters will think when they read this record in the time to come... For now, though, I write for me. My short term memory leaves much to be desired. You could ask me what I ate for lunch yesterday and I'd have to stop and think really hard to remember. I blame it on all of the Equal packets I downed as a kid, even though the FDA is loathe to draw a solid connection between aspartame and short term memory loss. Being that my own memory serves me so poorly, this blog and flickr help me fill in the blanks.

Nee Nee Nee

I Wish to Remember

Poppy is almost 9 months old. She learned how to sit up at 7 months. She still doesn't crawl, still doesn't have any teeth, and hates to be placed on the floor lying down.

Eating a Muffin
Girl loves her some food.

Rosemary has been practicing the word "delicious," and the phrase, "The best [I've] ever seen!" She constantly asks, "MOMMY! What are you doing?" Multiple times per day, per minute, even. When I give an answer, she tells me what she's doing, usually prefaced with, "I'm TRYING to..."

We got her an iPad after the Nook died for the third time. We should have gotten one sooner. The apps on the Nook just cannot compare to the iPad apps. Rosemary is learning her letters. How to draw them, what they look like, the sounds they make. It's amazing. LetterSchool, look it up. She's also learning how to spell with FirstWords Animals. She loves these games. She actually plays the educational games more than the arbitrary games because she's enjoying learning new things. What educational apps do your children enjoy?



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