Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Operation Promote Senpai

It's a wonderful thing to be recognized for the hard work you do. In the military world, that recognition comes in the form of promotions. This past weekend I was able to help show Senpai how important he is to his unit by participating in his *surprise* promotion ceremony.


A colleague had called me mid-January to let me in on the scheme. The girls and I needed to be on base by 8am on Saturday during Senpai's normal drill weekend, and the surprise ceremony would start at 8:30. I searched local events calendars to come up with an excuse that would get me out of the house by a time when I normally wouldn't even be awake yet. The only thing I could find was a Mardi Gras parade. Haha, in this cold? With two young kids and no Senpai to help? Oh no, there's no way I'd ever attempt that. I turned to the local Mommy Group for ideas. One mother came up with the excellent idea of a Mommy & Me Breakfast. Another mom volunteered to "host" the event at her house, and I said I'd help set-up, you know, so I'd have to be there extra early. ;-) I told Senpai about the breakfast. He liked the idea of the girls and I socializing with other moms and kids in the area. The trap was baited and set. Everything was perfect, until the colleague called me two days prior to the event and said it was pushed back to 9:30. But... but... the breakfast! I told Senpai it started at 8, and I had to be there at 7:30, so I had to leave the house at 7! There was no way I could change any details about the breakfast so close to the date, so I resigned myself to waking up early for no reason.

Saturday came, and Senpai and I prepared for our mornings just as we'd planned. Senpai woke up super early, got himself showered and dressed, and then came and woke me up. I showered.... I took my sweet time, delaying as much as possible. Senpai was impatient, "Should I go wake Rosemary up?" Knowing that girl does not do well when she is woken too early, I put on my best tired face and shook my head, "I can't get myself moving this morning. I had a nightmare last night. (That part was true) Didn't sleep well. (So was that) I promised I'd help set-up... but whether I get there a half hour before it starts or five minutes, that's still helping, right?" I weaseled my way out of leaving too early. Senpai kissed me goodbye and went on his way to base.

I got the girls ready to go and met the colleague at the rendezvous on base. Everything was going according to plan. As he walked us through the hallways, he said, "I hope your husband doesn't come down this way for a cup of coffee." I thought in response, "By this time? No, he'd probably have to use the restroom." Sure enough, right at that moment, a group of people came down the stairs, one of whom was Senpai.

He was definitely surprised to see me in that secure environment toting Poppy in the carrier on my chest and pushing Rosemary in the stroller. He had a sheepish grin on his face as he kissed me hello. All I said was, "It's a special day for you today," but he knew exactly what it meant. Our being there was the giveaway.


Poppy tacked Senpai's new stripes on.

Rosemary barely held still for pictures.

Boats, Trains, and Airplanes
But she enjoyed the model trains.

Operation Promote Senpai was a success!



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