Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had a busy weekend! Rosemary's third birthday was on Friday. I told a friend that I have no problem with Rosemary turning 3 years old, but I can't wrap my mind around the fact that I've been a mother for three years now. Time flies when you're tired out of your mind.

My bellydance studio had its final studio party Friday night. The owner is jumping the country to fulfill her dreams of being a world traveler (you can and should follow her adventures here). I left Senpai home with the girls and headed out for one last shebang with this wonderful community of dancers. Had too much fun to take a single picture. Whoops.

We held a party for Rosemary on Saturday. Heading into March, I wasn't sure how we would celebrate the Cupcake's birthday. I didn't want to put the effort into a big party, and didn't want to try to do some event outside of the house either. A lot of my reluctance to plan for anything came from the uncertainty of whether or not anyone would even come. It was Easter weekend after all. And what business does Easter have being at the end of March anyway? I remember Easter being around the end of April when I was a kid. I'll answer that question later. I finally decided to take the leap and plan a little party. Send out invites, see who comes. If it was just one or two kids, that would be just fine. I was pleasantly surprised when three families RSVP'ed, giving Rosemary five friends to play with. It was the perfect amount.

We threw a Peter Pan party.

She can't wear this costume enough; absolutely loves it.

I made the cake. It was a gluten-free box mix that I frosted with marshmallow frosting.

Poppy was adorable as Tinkerbell.

Senpai broke out the Captain Hook costume when it was time for the pinata. And man, that thing was impossible to break!

Party guests!
When asked, one of the party guests knew the answer to why Easter is when it is. He said that Easter is always scheduled on the first Sunday following the first full moon following the Vernal (Spring) Equinox. You tell me Easter isn't a pagan holiday, ha!

Moving on, Sunday was Easter, of course. We started with baskets in the morning.

When Poppy went down for her nap, Rosemary went egg hunting around the backyard with her new Peter Pan doll, an Easter gift from Oma and Grandad.

Gosh, she looks so much more grown up now than she did last year.

After Poppy woke up we got them together for an Easter photoshoot.

Love these girls.



Lynn Newsom said...

I think Easter was originally supposed to line up with Passover, but when Europe switched from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendar it got all screwed up. Although Passover is a Jewish holiday, and the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, so it would still move in comparison to our calendar. All I know is that when my mom starts cleaning her house like a mad woman Easter must be coming up.

Glad the party went well. She is growing up so fast.

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