Saturday, May 4, 2013

Preschool Prep.... ha.

This was the week it all fell apart.

Poppy is teething. She's had the same two bottom teeth out since February, and now her top canines are trying to join the party. I can feel the bumps protruding, but nothing has broken the surface of the gums yet. I wish they'd hurry up and come out already so we all can sleep again. She has been feverish and unhappy. She desperately needs sleep, but she does not stay down for a nap when I try to walk away. It has been very hard to do anything but pay attention to her. That being the case, Rosemary's studies have been pushed to the wayside.

Midnight munchies for a miserable, teething baby.

Senpai reminded me that we have money allocated toward daycare that needs to be used before July 1st. I scheduled Rosemary to go back to the daycare she had been at before, starting next week. It's a good daycare; the reason we took her out was because she wasn't handling the separation well. She is more sociable and outgoing now, so hopefully she will like the experience better. We told her that she will go there to play with other kids and she sounds happy about the idea. The daycare does crafts and lessons everyday. I will gladly let them teach Rosemary while Poppy's gums are under attack from sharp, pointy teeth. Once I can sleep and think again, I will check in and see where Rosemary's studies may need supplementing at home.

I'm looking forward to seeing this happy face again...

So I can enjoy more of this.



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